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This is the best place for San Antonio homeschool information. It has a comprehensive listing of homeschooling resources in the San Antonio area including home school events, support groups, curriculum and co-ops. And if you want to add a resource, event, or a San Antonio homeschool group just drop me a line and I’ll get it up as soon as possible.

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A Course of Study in Good Citizenship: Lower Elementary
One of the few requirements for homeschooling in Texas is to have a curriculum that provides for a course of study in good citizenship. For high schoolers, this seems relatively clear since most public high school…
Secular Homeschooling Curriculum: High School Science
As far as I can tell, these resources do not advocate a specific religious world view. Biology Chemistry Physics Other Sciences Distance Education Secular Biology Curriculum for High School Biology Matters Biology Matters text and…
Don’t Panic–How to Choose a Curriculum
So you've got junior at home now.  And then it hits you--what am I supposed to teach him--how am I going to teach him--I don't know how to teach him--WHAT HAVE I DONE!? As I'm…

For San Antonio Homeschool Groups: If your organization is welcoming new members, please let me know so that I can post the information.

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Submit your information for announcement. Just send an email using the link below. Please do not send information in pdf, gif, or jpeg formats. Anything that requires a lot of cutting, pasting, and/or editing on my part is not likely to get posted.

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