Who Will Care For Your Kids if Something Happens to You?

(Free legal presentation!)

Is your family legally protected if something were to happen to you?! I’m a graduated home-schooler and an attorney that focuses my practice on working with young families and small business owners to get the legal planning in place to protect who and what they love. I would love to offer a free presentation (time and content can be tailored to your group) to help you discover how you can get the legal plans in place to get peace of mind about; who would have the legal authority to care for your kids if/when something happens to you, the parents; helping your family avoid court and conflict if/when something happens to you; make sure the people you want (not who a judge chooses) is who makes legal/financial/medical decisions for you! These issues can be fairly easily addressed with simple, affordable legal planning. I can also discuss the many failure that occur when people handle these important matters themselves with low-cost online document preparation systems. I will extend a special offer to all who host and/or attend a presentation! I love working with young families and look forward to meeting the San Antonio home schooling community!

Brittany L. Lastition, Esq.
Cell: (830) 488-7614