A Fantasy Football Unit Study

football 200Part I: What is Fantasy Football

Research the game of fantasy football.  Be sure you understand the difference between point, performance, and keeper leagues.  Learn different draft methods.

Reading List:


  • Define your league

Learning Opportunities: reading, note taking, compare and contrast skills

Part II: Get ready for the draft

Rank your picks by your league’s scoring system. Find “cheatsheets” that rank players and compare them to your own rankings.  Research “sleeper” opportunities. See if drafting positions in different orders provides you with more fantasy points.  Explore how the position you draft in affects player availability.

Reading List:


  • Get a copy of team schedules and bye weeks.
  • Get team depth charts.
  • Get or design a team rooster draft sheet.
  • Create your own custom cheatsheet based on your leagues scoring system at OneWeekWonder, ProFantasySports, or Fantasy Football Toolbox.
  • Compare your custom cheatsheet to other available on the web.
  • Identify potential sleeper picks.
  • Conduct a mock draft varying the order of the positions you draft and the position you draft in.
  • Download the complete draft kit at Ask the Commish

Learning Opportunities: Charting and graphing skills, learn to use a spreadsheet, compare different valuation systems, organizational skills, record keeping skills.

Part III: The Season

Each week you’ll need to decide which players to start and which to bench.  Team schedules, bye weeks, and injuries are some of the factors that will affect your decision. You will also want to record how many points a player has scored for each game and look for trade opportunities.



Learning Opportunities: Planning and management skills, data analysis, compare and contrast, ranking evaluation, graphing, prediction.

Additional Activities:

  • Map player locations each week.
  • Analyze player performances by varying the scoring system.
  • Develop your own projections/ranking algorithms.
  • Discuss controversy of team names and mascots.
  • Discuss role of football stadiums in communities.
  • Discuss role of sports in education

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These sites provide the following free:

Sleepers How To’s/ FAQs Work-sheets Schedules Mock
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Fantasy Football Today
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Fantasy Insights
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Fantasy Football Toolbox
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Yahoo Fantasy Football
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The Huddle
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Fantasy Pros
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Draft Guide
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Fantasy Football Cafe
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Yahoo Sports  Free
NFL.com Individual Team 14.95
My Fantasy League League 79.95
RealTime Fantasy Sports League 89.95


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