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FEAST Co-op Meet and Greet

FEAST Co-op Meet and Greet
and Orientation!
Thursday, July 27, 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Bring your students and come meet our fantastic co-op staff and teachers! Look over the sports options and the many class selections and curricula
that will be used at the FEAST Co-op this year. You do not need to commit to taking classes to attend our Meet and Greet, however if you find classes that you like, you may want to sign up and pay the class fees along with the first semester supply fees, as classes will fill up quickly. The FEAST Co-op Meet and Greet is an exciting way to see what is upcoming for the 2017-2018 FEAST Co-op year.

Summer Learning: Games

Is it too rainy or hot to go outdoors? Pull out the familiar childhood games of cards, Mousetrap, and Rubik’s Cube. Or learn the mathematics behind game theory in unit 9, “Game Theory,” of Mathematics Illuminated.  Why is poker considered an imperfect game? How do different cultures define ‘fair’? How can language use work like a game?

Junie B. Jones the Musical

The Magik Theatre with Charline McCombs Empire Theatre
Playwright(s): Based on the books by Barbara Parks; Book and lyrics by Mary Heisler; Music by Zina Goldrich
Opens on: 06/16/2017 and Runs Through: 06/25/2017

  • Fri. June 16, 2017 : 7:00PM
  • Sat. June 17, 2017 : 2:00PM
  • Sat. June 17, 2017 : 7:00PM
  • Sun. June 18, 2017 : 2:00PM
  • Fri. June 23, 2017 : 7:00PM
  • Sat. June 24, 2017 : 2:00PM
  • Sat. June 24, 2017 : 7:00PM
  • Sun. June 25, 2017 : 2:00PM
Junie B. Jones the MusicalIt’s time for first grade, and Junie B. can’t wait to see all her old friends! But over the summer old friends have drifted away, and new ones have moved to town. Junie B. soon learns that things don’t always stay the same, and that doesn’t have to be a problem.
Location: 226 N. St. Marys Street, San Antonio, Texas, 78205
Tickets: Prices Vary
Purchase online:
Our Website:
Contact/More Information: Go to or call 210.227.2751 for reservations or more information.

LEAP Class Day Academy

Need a little help with the tough classes?
A little accountability to help you through?
Want to keep the dissections off the kitchen counter and get your teen a lab partner?

Looking for a bridging program to help your high school student to prepare for a college class setting?


At LEAP Class Day Academy, we support you on your homeschooling journey.  Sometimes challenges arise.  We’re here to help.


LEAP is a drop off program that offers academic and enrichment classes to home educated students grades 5th-12th in Northeast San Antonio.  All instructors are qualified tutors and have homeschooling experience so we all know where struggles can exist.  We keep the cost as low as possible to assist families and still keep quality tutors.


Family registration discount ends on March 31st!

Meet the Teachers Registration Night – June 27th, 6:30-8:30pm


Bill of Rights in Action (Summer 2017) Available to Download Now!

This edition of Bill of Rights in Action focuses on ideas that provoke change.

U.S. History: Martin Luther King and the Philosophy of Nonviolence by guest writer and New York Times deputy op-ed editor Clay Risen

World History: Vietnam Today by longtime contributor Carlton Martz

U.S. Government/Current Issues: Free Speech on Campus: Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces, and Controversial Speech at U.S. Colleges by guest writer Aimée Koeplin, Ph.D.


Summer Classes at CSDC

Check out these incredible class offerings for the summer! CSDC has an outstanding pre-professional theatre program, incorporating acting classes for K-12, technical theatre, theatre history, Shakespeare, and improvisation, plus multiple performance opportunities. CSDC has successfully taught all ages and all ability levels. Check us out! Email for more information about our upcoming classes.

San Antonio FEAST Bible Bee Summer Study

Character training made easy! Sign-up for the National Bible Bee Summer Study! Join thousands of young people who are learning how to unlock the Scriptures and memorize God’s Word! The 8 week Summer Study starts on June 5th, and registration opens on April 1st for young people ages 7-18. We will be having meetings at FEAST throughout the summer for support and fellowship. Come and join the fun, including games, food, friends, and prizes! When the Summer Study is finished, participants can test to qualify for cash prizes at the National Bible Bee Competition this fall. Please visit for more information, and contact with any questions.

“Through the National Bible Bee, I have learned personal disciplines, met so many wonderful friends, discovered how to study the Word of God effectively, and memorized more of the Word of God than I ever thought was possible.” -Joshua Bontrager (18)

“God has used the National Bible Bee in tremendous ways to shape my character and draw me closer to Himself. I used to think of Bible memory and study as a duty, but now it is ‘a joy and the delight of my heart.’ (Jer 15:16) I praise God for it and how God uses this ministry to bless thousands across the nation.” – Anna Moss

Bill of Rights Institute eLesson: Who Checks the FBI?

On Tuesday, May 9, 2017, President Donald J. Trump dismissed FBI director James Comey, bringing the issue of checks and balances once again into the spotlight. The FBI operates under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice as the primary federal law enforcement agency. The work of the Bureau has often brought it into conflict with all of the branches of the United States government, as well as its people, as all work in concert to balance the nation’s liberties with its security. 


This lesson explores the checks and balances on the FBI in the federal government, and the tension between liberty and security. Students will examine select events in FBI history and their constitutionality, examining whether the FBI’s powers are balanced in the best interest of the American people.

“Art & Science” camps for Kinder-5th Grade

This year camps are “Glow-in-the-dark” and “Art Lab”.

Children will learn basic science concepts through art experiences. The “Art & Science” program appeals to a combination of the curiosity of science and the beauty of art. Each day the students will explore, manipulate and discover art & science through fascinating games, science experiments, and art projects. Come and discover the beauty, the magic, the amazement, and the satisfaction of creating and experiencing science through art and art through science. Students will bring home five finished art projects including,  a T-shirt, a painting, a sculpture, a themed project and some slime.

More info and register on

$20 off if you register for both camps. Email to receive the discount

Scholastic Big Event Warehouse Sale

May 10 – May 20

Weekdays, May 10-19: 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Saturdays, May 13 & 20: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Closed Sundays

Scholastic Book Fairs Warehouse
5925 Tri-County Parkway, Suite 160
Schertz, TX 78154
(800) 633-4270