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How to Get Recruited to Play College Baseball: Showcases and Prospect Camps

If at all possible, you want the coaches from the college you are interested in to see you play. This is a qualified statement since some colleges will recruit players strictly off video. These tend to smaller colleges or schools without any recruiting budget. With that aside, baseball camps can be a very effective way to get in front of several college coaches in a very short period of time. Continue reading »

College Athletic Recruiting Resources: Books

baseball-player 200The following are books about the college athletic recruiting process that I’ve actually read. Just because I didn’t particularly like a book doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t work for someone else. I think the whole process is hit or miss–getting the first book is the important part. Once you have the book, you start to realize what you don’t know and can go from there. Continue reading »

And What About Socialization?

This is a must read column no matter how you are educating your children.

Jay Mathews – School Boundaries, Money and Race – washingtonpost.com:

Grice is my guest columnist today. This is a big risk for me since it is clear she is a much better writer, and much braver about getting to the heart of the issue — how much our school boundaries depend on the skin color and the size of the paychecks of the families involved. Nonetheless, this is a must read:

Some of you may be wondering, “so what’s the homeschooling connection on this?” Well, what is the first issue anyone brings up when discussing homeschooling–what about socialization? Continue reading »

Alternative Assessment and Technology

man 200The following article is from the Office of Educational Research and Improvement which is part of the Department of Education.



Considerable attention is now being paid to the reform of testing in this country–going beyond multiple choice testing that emphasizes facts and small procedures, to the development of methods for assessing complex knowledge and performances. Continue reading »

Three Homeschooling Resources I Wish I Knew About Earlier

light 200 There are a lot of excellent resources out there for homeschoolers. It would be impossible to list them all and foolish to try. After all, what works best for one child may not work for another. But that’s generally the point of homeschooling, there’s no one answer to every child’s learning needs. Continue reading »

Homeschooling Methods: School at Home/Structured

lego 200This is the traditional school transplanted to the home. It’s what you generally think of when someone says “school.” Families will select a curriculum that covers all subject areas, often with teacher plans, quizzes, and tests. These families will often have scheduled “school days” and even subject periods. You may hear this referred to as “school in a box.” It provides the generally expected documentation of student achievement with tests and grades. Parents have structured feedback as to whether or not the children or learning. Continue reading »

10 Education Resources in San Antonio Every Homeschooler Should Know About (part 2: 6-10)

Some education resources are obvious, some are under utilized by homeschoolers, and some just don’t make the average homeschooler’s radar.

6. Scholastic Warehouse Sale

Every December and May Scholastic has a warehouse sale for Book Fair volunteers, school employees, and teachers–that includes homeschoolers. Everything is discounted up to 80% and there will be thousands of items less than a dollar. Continue reading »