Erin Fischell, Robotics and Acoustics Researcher!

Who: Robotics & Acoustics Researcher, Erin Fischell
When: Thursday, Feb 23rd, @1:00pm Eastern

Join us to have your students’ questions
answered by a real live scientist!




Next week we will be live with Erin Fischell, Robotics and Aquatics Researcher from MIT. Erin builds specialized robot sensors to collect data and run experiments above and under the water. She will be speaking to students on topics surrounding her career and science journey.

During JASON Live events, students from across the country and around the world connect in real time with science role models. These Q&A’s are always unique and valuable to the students and adults who participate. Join us and see why thousands love JASON Live event series!

Students can submit questions in advance here. And you can find our archive of free JASON Live events on our YouTube channel.

See you there—live!—next Thursday.

The JASON Team