How to Get Recruited to Play College Baseball: Timelines

When looking at this schedule, keep in mind this is geared for baseball players. In many ways, your senior season will not count. Most coaches (not all) will have already filled their recruit classes for the following year (your college freshman year) and some of the slots for the year after that (your college sophomore year.) There will be exceptions, such as junior colleges and some of the less academically competitive D3 schools. But in general, your junior year high school season and the following summer season are the ones that really count. For those talented enough to play for top D1 schools, coaches will start identifying you based on your sophomore year.

It is very important to see your high school timeline in relationship to the recruiting timelines for college coaches. What does this mean? As stated before, your senior season (for baseball) occurs too late to count. If you think you are good enough and want a coach to watch one of your games during your junior year season (remember, they are in the middle of their own season) you’ll need to have provided evidence for the coach before the season starts. That generally means an excellent performance at a camp (that the coach is familiar with) from the summer before or video from your sophomore high school season and/or the following summer.

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