Latter-day Heritage Homeschool Association

The Latter-Day Heritage Home School Association is located in San Antonio, Texas. Although most of our membership consists of Latter-Day Saints, we are not an exclusive group and require no statement of faith to join.

Currently, we are comprised of two groups, one on the East side and one on the West side of San Antonio.

We desire to bring together those families with children who are educated at home.

Our relationship to each other, as we pursue this great endeavor, should be one of caring, support, consideration and love.

Our decision to teach our loved ones in a nurturing environment at home, sets us apart from the great majority of parents and children who spend their week being educated in public and private institutions.

We recognize the unique needs of the home-schooling parent and child and we believe that through our combined efforts, our group may help meet some of those needs.

We believe that it is the primary responsibility of parents to bring up and educate their children in all ways regarding faith, understanding, morality, truth and knowledge.

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