Middle School Literature Class for Homeschoolers

This course is for homeschooled Middle School students (ages 12-14). The classes will be held at my home near Marshall High School on 4 consecutive Thursdays from 12 -1:30 pm beginning February 9 – March 2.

The book we will be studying in this course is Bud, Not Buddy,
by Christopher Paul Curtis. The story takes place in Flint, Michigan during the Great Depression and is narrated by the Title character, Bud, who is a 10 year old orphan, already mature beyond his age in many ways, struggling to find his family roots. The narrative is engaging, fun, humorous, a bit scary and even sad at times.

The students will be required to read at home between classes in addition to the reading we will be doing in class. We will be
using various activities to discover the plot, character, setting, theme, and historical, cultural, and emotional aspects of the book. Vocabulary and some writing will be included.

Classes will be limited to 4-6 students. The cost is $60, plus the cost of the book. Students should also have a spiral notebook for class notes and homework assignments.

I look forward to working with your children.