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The Relaxed Homeschool Group meets in the San Antonio/New Braunfels area in Texas. The children in our group range in age from babies up to 15 years old. We are not a religious based group; therefore, we have no statement of faith and no forms to sign, no membership fees or other requirements. Anyone who is interested in homeschooling can join us for our regular meetings.

What does a Relaxed Homeschooler in San Antonio look like?

Two boys were playing basketball and later were deeply involved in a Yu-Gi-Oh duel. Several of the parents were discussing a parenting issue around a table. One little boy was making rockets and inviting others to help him. Another was building a wooden table while an adult helped as asked. Several girls were making sand castles and another was digging a giant hole while a boy ran back and forth to the creek to fill the hole with water. Eventually, the kids found the mud and soon the mud fight was on. Kids were covered from head to foot. Rather than getting scolded, the kids got their pictures taken.

As parents we feel that our role is to be facilitators of learning, not disseminators of knowledge or enforcers that make sure that lessons are completed. We espouse unschooling and live as though there is no such thing as school, SAT’s or curriculum. We believe that learning is best achieved by living life itself and letting our children live life right beside us following their passions.

We are pretty relaxed about pretty much everything. We are not a religious-oriented group so we have no “statement of faith” or Biblical mandates to follow. Many of our members are religious but “What church do you go to?” isn’t a common question. No one cares if you are Catholic or Hindu, Atheist or Pagan. We find little reason to discuss curriculum or “how to make Johnny finish his English paper” but can get intense about respecting children and gentle parenting.

What we do see as paramount is having fun and playing together. Basically, we like our kids, like each other’s kids and enjoy spending time together. We get together at a park each week on Tuesdays (northeast side).

If you want to find out more about our group and consider joining us, click on “Join This Group!” If you have questions, you can contact the moderators at

Relaxed Homeschool Group



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