San Antonio Homeschool Fun and Learning (S.A.H.F.L.)

S.A.H.F.L. is a secular homeschooling group in San Antonio and the surrounding area striving to provide a tolerant place for ALL homeschoolers. There is no statement of faith to sign and everyone is welcome regardless of religion. We get together several times a month for arts and crafts, field trips, park days, chess, and basically whatever anyone feels they need. We are dedicated to having fun and spending time with other families that are open minded and dedicated to raising healthy, friendly, loving children. If you are friendly with different religions….ie..Pagan, Buddhist, Christian, Agnostic…like to talk, laugh, have your kids in a safe environment and generally be in great company you have come to the right place. Please feel free to browse the links our members have added and subscribe if this is the type of group you are looking for.

San Antonio Homeschool Fun and Learning (S.A.H.F.L.) Website


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