San Antonio Homeschool Support Groups

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The following is a listing of San Antonio area homeschool organizations. Each is classified by it type. The type definitions are listed in the left column of this page.

Of course, not all groups fall into such neat categories but I tried to place them appropriately for quick reference. Click on the organization for more information. You can get more information on homeschooling in San Antonio at the SA-HERO website, HERO acts as a clearing house for local information, hosts an annual conference, and provides a variety of activities open to all homeschoolers.

G Support Group $ Tutors/Classes O Online Only
C Co-op U University Model F Statement of Faith
P Park Day Support S Specialty

San Antonio Area Homeschool Support Groups

Group Name


Alamo Area Christian Educators $ F
Bandera County Area Homeschool Group G
Bexar/Atascosa Secular Homeschoolers (BASH) G C P
Boerne Area Christian Homeschoolers G C P $ F
Christian Homeschool Co-op of Wilson County G C F
Educational Network for Academics, Arts, and Character Training (ENAACT) U
Families Advocating Instruction in the Texas Home (FAITH) G F
Family Educators Alliance of South Texas (FEAST) $ S F
Gifted at Home S
Hill Country Christian Homeschoolers G C P $
Home and Values Educational Network (HAVEN) Educators G P
Homeschool Happenings G P
Hometeam Playgroup G P
Infinity Christian Academy S
JBSA Randolph Military Home Educators G S
Latter-Day Heritage Homeschool Association G C
Laude Catholic Co-op C
$ S F
Learning ina Family Environment (LIFE) Co-op C F
Life in Wilson County G
LifeShine Homeschool Enrichment Program $ S F
North Central Homeschoolers Play Group P
Northside Church of Christ Homeschool Co-op C F
Northwest Home Educators G C
NW Homeschoolers P
P.E.T.A.L.S. Homeshool Group-Parent Educators Teaching A Love of School G P
Relaxed Homeschool Group P
Supporting Homeschoolers In the North East (SHINE) G C
SA Christian Homeschoolers (SACH) G P F
San Antonio Home Education Rsources and Opportunities (SA-HERO) S
San Antonio Home School O
San Antonio Homeschool Fun an Learning (SAHFL) P
San Antonio TEAMS Homeschool Co-op C
San Antonio Teen Homeschool Yahoo Group S
Smoothing the Way Group S
Summit Christian Academy U F
Traditions Of Roman Catholic Homes (TORCH) G