San Antonio TEAMS Homeschool Co-op

This is a TEAMS oriented co-op.

We need parents who will work with each other to help our children grow both academically and in character. Together we can set a positive example of working as a team. New ideas, fresh insights, and direction are welcome. Parent participation with teaching or assisting is mandatory.

Co-op Goals:

* Enjoy hands-on learning;
* Drill in a fun way;
* Learn personal and team accountability;
* Plan and achieve individual and group goals;
* Learn effective study skills;
* Gradually teach children to work independently;
* Motivate children to learn.

Parent Goals:

* Learn from each other as teachers;
* Give and receive parental support.

[T] – TEACH Academics & Character Development
[E] – EACH OTHER both parents and children
[A] – ACCOUNTABILITY to peers, friends, and family
[M] – MANAGEMENT of studies, time and children
[S] – SUPPORT other homeschooling families

San Antonio TEAMS Homeschool Co-op Website

One thought on “San Antonio TEAMS Homeschool Co-op”

  1. Kerry Skinner

    I would like to extend an offer to the Homeschoolers around the area, if anyone would like to get a group together for Monday, June 29th or Tuesday, June 30th please let me know. I am happy to offer you 2 hours for $12.00 if we can get a group of around 30 jumpers together for either day or both.
    Please email me at Kerry@

    Thank you,
    Kerry Skinner
    Director of Sales and Marketing
    Altitude Trampoline Park SA

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