Smoothing The Way

Thank you for your interest in Smoothing The Way (STW)! Smoothing the Way exists to encourage you in your home schooling efforts. During the monthly member meetings you will learn information that will make your first years
less confusing and you will meet other new home schoolers who are sharing your experiences – both good and bad! In addition, you will meet veteran home schoolers who can reassure you that these experiences are very normal and can help you navigate through your first years.

There are currently two STW groups in San Antonio, one in Central San Antonio, and one in Northwest San Antonio. We have listed the details for each group below so you can determine which group would work best for you and your family.
Smoothing The Way @ Family Educators Association of South Texas (STW-FEAST)
25 Burwood Lane
San Antonio, TX 78216
Donna Faucett (210) 878-8025 or
Meets 2
nd Tuesday, 10 a.m. -12 p.m., at FEAST. Children welcome. New to homeschooling
and special needs focused.
Smoothing The Way @ Northwest Community Church (STW-NW)
8900 Guilbeau Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78250
Amy Decker
Meets 1
st Thursday, 7 – 9 p.m., at NWCC. No childcare provided. New to homeschooling
and mentoring focused.
Whichever group you decide to attend, we know that you will benefit from your time in
the member meetings and the relationships you will make.
The Smoothing The Way Leaders 2017-2018