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Ditch Your Curriculum for these 13 Competitions Instead

As a homeschooler, what do you have your kids do for PE? You could design fitness curriculum that includes exercises and an introduction to various sports. Or maybe you include some form of physical fitness as part of your planned unit studies. Or more likely, your kids join a local basketball team or take a class at the YMCA. And in doing so, you don’t worry too much about justifying it as fulfilling a PE requirement—it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Continue reading »

10 Education Resources in San Antonio Every Homeschooler Should Know About (part 2: 6-10)

Some education resources are obvious, some are under utilized by homeschoolers, and some just don’t make the average homeschooler’s radar.

6. Scholastic Warehouse Sale

Every December and May Scholastic has a warehouse sale for Book Fair volunteers, school employees, and teachers–that includes homeschoolers. Everything is discounted up to 80% and there will be thousands of items less than a dollar. Continue reading »