Bill of Rights Day Resources

For those who didn’t get enough on Constitution Day in September, there is Bill of Rights Day. Between gun control, NSA surveillance, and gay marriage, you can easily make the case for the Bill of Rights having its own day for recognition. The following are just a few resources for learning more about the Bill of Rights.

131¬†–¬†Proclamation 2524 – Bill of Rights Day

“Now, Therefore, I, Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States of America, do hereby designate December 15, 1941, as Bill of Rights Day. And I call upon the officials of the Government, and upon the people of the United States, to observe the day by displaying the flag of the United States on public buildings and by meeting together for such prayers and such ceremonies as may seem to them appropriate.”

Bill of Rights in Action

This is an excellent resource with each issue exploring three cases related to individual rights. All issues are archived and available online for downloading.

Are They Watching You?

From the Bill of Rights Institute. Click on various items in one of five scenes to see if your privacy is protected. In other words, identify the ways the government can “watch” you without your permission.

Charters of Freedom

Image of the document along with a transcript and related resources.

1 For All

Information on the First Amendment and how to support it. Includes lesson plans.

The Bill of Rights: Its History and Significance

From Exploring Constitutional Conflicts, an overview of the Bill of Rights and discussion of issues related to the Bill of Rights including : Right to Bear Arms, The Right to Mary, Procedural Due Process, and Takings of Property.

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