Homeschooling Guide to San Antonio and Texas: a Free eBook

Who Should Read this Book

This book is for two groups of people. The first are homeschoolers who have just moved to San Antonio or are planning to do so. You already know how to homeschool, you just want a quick survey of the local home school landscape. Here you’ll find the basics of homeschooling requirements in Texas and local resources.

The second group is for those new to homeschooling living in Texas.  This book is an introduction to homeschooling. It will provide you with the basic requirements for homeschooling in Texas and where to go locally for help. In some ways, it may raise more questions than it answers but this is a good thing for new homeschoolers. Now you know what questions to ask which can really help out when you first start homeschooling

What is in the Book

Think of this book as a “lite” version of a Homeschooling 101 class with applications in San Antonio. There are plenty of books out there that go into detail on how and why to homeschool. What’s provided here is just a basic outline of information for people considering homeschooling in Texas. For example, it talks about how to withdraw a child from public school in Texas which is not the same thing as withdrawing a child from a school in New York. The “applications” part is an overview of resources commonly used by homeschoolers in San Antonio. I provide a list of support groups, relevant issues, museums and such for the general San Antonio area. This information, especially concerning support groups, tends to change frequently, so you should check the website for the latest information.

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