San Antonio Teen Homeschool Yahoo Group

This group is for homeschool teens. It was started so teens would have a way to get together, have fun, talk, laugh and hang out. Here are our requirements for joining:

*Must be homeschooled.

*Must be between the ages of 13 – 19.(Parents may join the group for their children)

*This is a SECULAR homeschool group. All faiths & beliefs are welcome. Respect of other peoples beliefs is mandatory.

Activities will include volunteer opportunities,movies, parties, bowling, skating etc.I hope you will join our group.

San Antonio Teen Homeschool Yahoo Group Website


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  1. Christina

    Hi, my name is Christina, and I’m homeschooling my 17 year old autistic son this year. I saw this group and am interested in learning more about it. I like that this group offers opportunities to socialize and have fun. Please let me know how I can join and if there’s a fee. Thank you.

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