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Daytime Youth Curfews

San Antonio recently renewed it’s daytime youth curfew which is considered a “model” for the nation. It’s goal is keep unsavory youth off of the street. Of course, that wouldn’t include homeschoolers but you never know. This ordinance is especially troublesome for teenagers so you might want to provide them with some sort of identification or note from you. Continue reading »

Pizza and Homeschooling

Recently I had a party and the main course was pizza. When we lived in Amarillo, I used to make pizza frequently since heating up the apartment by using the oven wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is any day in San Antonio except for the day when the northerner comes in sometime around the Texas-OU game and the one day after all the stores winter clearance sales where the temperature drops below freezing and you realize that none of your kid’s winter clothes from last year fit. Since we were long past those days (or they were still in the distance days to come-depending on how you look at), I really wanted to use the bar-b-que grill so I wouldn’t heat up the house. Continue reading »

Homeschoolers Misinforming Homeschoolers

Inform Mislead Signpost Meaning Advise Or Misinform

It’s bad enough that public school officials give out bad information on homeschooling requirements such as requesting to view potential homeschoolers’ curriculum. What’s worst is when a homeschool organization contributes to the misinformation. The following is the FEAST (Family Educators Alliance of South Texas) website information for new homeschoolers. Continue reading »

Home Schools are Private Schools in Texas–For Now

lady-justice 200Homeschoolers in Texas are incredibly fortunate because a “home school” is considered the equivalent of an unaccredited private school. And after hearing what it takes to homeschool in states such as Pennsylvania, most welcome any legislation that reinforces such a definition. But just because a bill uses the term “home school” doesn’t automatically make it a good thing. Continue reading »

And What About Socialization?

This is a must read column no matter how you are educating your children.

Jay Mathews – School Boundaries, Money and Race – washingtonpost.com:

Grice is my guest columnist today. This is a big risk for me since it is clear she is a much better writer, and much braver about getting to the heart of the issue — how much our school boundaries depend on the skin color and the size of the paychecks of the families involved. Nonetheless, this is a must read:

Some of you may be wondering, “so what’s the homeschooling connection on this?” Well, what is the first issue anyone brings up when discussing homeschooling–what about socialization? Continue reading »