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How my Son Ended up with a 740 SAT Critical Reading Score Instead of Going to a Military Boarding School

The short answer is I don’t know.

I mean about the 740 part. I do know about the not going to military school part. At age eight, reading had become such a battle, tears, angry words, no progress, the works. I don’t remember what we were actually trying to do but I do remember that it wasn’t working. I was so frustrated with his lack of progress that I called a friend, who of course, wasn’t there to answer, and left a message asking why I was homeschooling Ethan instead of sending him to military school. By the time she called back, I had calmed down and was ready to pursue homeschooling for another day. Continue reading »

Homeschooling Gifted Students: An Introductory Guide for Parents

The following article is from the Office of Educational Research and Improvement which is part of the Department of Education. While the focus is on homeschooling gifted children, the points it raises are applicable to all children.  In fact, educational research has shown that any child will excel in a “gifted and talented” situation.  The schools just can’t afford it.
During the last 20 years, increasing numbers of families in the United States have chosen to educate their children at home or outside the conventional school environment. Current estimates range from 500,000 to 1.2 million students (Lines, 1991, 1995; Ray, 1996). Of that number, a significant percentage of families have chosen homeschooling as the educational option for their gifted children. Continue reading »

And What About Socialization?

This is a must read column no matter how you are educating your children.

Jay Mathews – School Boundaries, Money and Race – washingtonpost.com:

Grice is my guest columnist today. This is a big risk for me since it is clear she is a much better writer, and much braver about getting to the heart of the issue — how much our school boundaries depend on the skin color and the size of the paychecks of the families involved. Nonetheless, this is a must read:

Some of you may be wondering, “so what’s the homeschooling connection on this?” Well, what is the first issue anyone brings up when discussing homeschooling–what about socialization? Continue reading »