Top Websites on Homeschooling Legality in Texas

case-law 200These websites are provide you with information on the legal aspects of homeschooling. They list relevant education code, legislation, and court cases as well as the basic steps to start homeschooling in Texas (how to withdraw your child from public school.) Many other websites present this information as well but those listed here have proved themselves reliable and enduring. If you come across information at other websites that seems inconsistent or contradicts information from the websites below, I suggest you go with the information from the websites below.

Top Three Websites on Homeschooling Legality in Texas

  1. Texas Home School Coalition
  2. Texas Advocates for Freedom in Education
  3. Homeschool Law in Texas

Texas Home School Coalition (THSC)
(806) 744-4441

The Texas Home School Coalition is a statewide organization that advocated for homeschoolers in Texas. This site is a great place to start since it includes sample letters of withdrawal and assurance. It’s FAQ section provides straight forward answers without any misleading information.

While THSC is the most prominent statewide organization for homeschoolers, it is not an “official” state organization. You can expect to find a Christian perspective throughout the site. THSC also has an associated political action committee that supports conservative, Christian issues as well as homeschooling.

Texas Advocates for Freedom in Education (TAFFIE)

TAFFIE is the state’s oldest homeschool email list in Texas. There is an announcement list and and a discussion list. The TAFFIE website provides an overview of the legality of homeschooling in Texas as well as an extensive FAQ for new homeschoolers. The email announcement group is a good way to keep up with homeschooling news and issues that affect Texas.

Homeschool Law in Texas

This is basically a speech given by the author on homeschool law in Texas. It includes a history of homeschooling, the Leeper decision, and curriculum concerns. While the speech is dated from 1999, the information in these areas are still relevant.

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