Educational Network for Academics, Arts, and Character Training (E.N.A.A.C.T)

E.N.A.A.C.T. Family Academy is a university-model co-op for homeschool families, Our New Braunfels facility is equipped with 25 classrooms, including a science lab, art, music and dance studios, library, computer lab, and lecture rooms with white boards and classroom seating for 6 to 16 students in each room. We offer about 170 different academic and elective classes each semester, taught by both parents who volunteer their area of specialization and professional paid instructors. Due to parent participation, many of our classes are free, or only have a small supply fee. Registration fee $25-$40 per semester, parent participation encouraged, drop-off tuition also available. Most classes are taught by parent volunteers, but some are studio-quality classes offered by professional instructors.

Social events, reading contest, presidential physical fitness, student ID’s, yearbook, standardized testing, grading, honor roll, transcripts, honor society, community service, SAT Prep, science fair, art show, and dual credit classes (for those who qualify) are just some of the programs available to ENAACT students. The students have weekly chapel, and enjoy a recreational lunchtime together each co-op day. High School Juniors and Seniors also have Prom and Graduation. Parents and students work together to coordinate these activities, with the goal of honoring the Lord in all that we do.

E.N.A.A.C.T. “Educational Network for Academics, Arts, and Character Training” is a non-profit ministry of Tree of Life Church and is open to all Christian homeschoolers. We are a university-model parent cooperative, using the talents and resources of parents as teachers and helpers whenever possible. For parents who are unable to participate, enrollment by tuition is also available. For more information about ENAACT, go to

ENAACT Website

Tree of Life Church
5513 IH 35-S
New Braunfels, TX 78130

Phone: (830) 626-0320
Fax: (830) 626-2614

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