San Antonio TEAMS Homeschool Co-op

This is a TEAMS oriented co-op.

We need parents who will work with each other to help our children grow both academically and in character. Together we can set a positive example of working as a team. New ideas, fresh insights, and direction are welcome. Parent participation with teaching or assisting is mandatory.

Co-op Goals:

* Enjoy hands-on learning;
* Drill in a fun way;
* Learn personal and team accountability;
* Plan and achieve individual and group goals;
* Learn effective study skills;
* Gradually teach children to work independently;
* Motivate children to learn.

Parent Goals:

* Learn from each other as teachers;
* Give and receive parental support.

[T] – TEACH Academics & Character Development
[E] – EACH OTHER both parents and children
[A] – ACCOUNTABILITY to peers, friends, and family
[M] – MANAGEMENT of studies, time and children
[S] – SUPPORT other homeschooling families

San Antonio TEAMS Homeschool Co-op Website

3 thoughts on “San Antonio TEAMS Homeschool Co-op”

  1. Kerry Skinner

    I would like to extend an offer to the Homeschoolers around the area, if anyone would like to get a group together for Monday, June 29th or Tuesday, June 30th please let me know. I am happy to offer you 2 hours for $12.00 if we can get a group of around 30 jumpers together for either day or both.
    Please email me at Kerry@

    Thank you,
    Kerry Skinner
    Director of Sales and Marketing
    Altitude Trampoline Park SA

  2. FontsDownloadFree

    Our mission is to provide opportunities for encouraging homeschool families in the endeavor of faithful Christian training and education of their children in the Northeast San Antonio area through the union of like-minded families.

  3. Pamela Flores

    we are a family oriented mixed martial arts academy. we would like to offer self defense classes to the entire family of the homeschooled community. The kids program can be divided into two age groups, 5-9 and 10 on up. On two separate days or back to back. they can participate with only other homeschoolers or can join our current kids class, in which the ages are from 5-16. either way, we would love the entire family to get moving and exercise. A healthier family is a happier family. we have one temple and we must take care of it. please contact me if this would be of interest. we would love to meet everyone and have our Family grow.

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