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A Course of Study in Good Citizenship: Lower Elementary

People in the shapre of the United States representing good citizenship

One of the few requirements for homeschooling in Texas is to have a curriculum that provides for a course of study in good citizenship. For high schoolers, this seems relatively clear since most public high school students take a one semester government class. However, there isn’t any such designated class for middle or elementary school. Citizenship and government are listed as TEKS items under social studies for elementary and middle school. Continue reading »

Science Matters: 7 Free Energy Curriculum Resources for Homeschoolers

power-poles 200There is a lot of free stuff on the web and some of it is actually pretty good. But who wants to spend the time looking up each site to find out what is actually on it? Right. So I’ve done it for you. I admit I didn’t go through all the gajillion results but I did get through quite a few of the pages of an “energy curriculum” search. I found out all kinds of interesting stuff including curriculum plans for college degrees. But I’ll spare you and just list the finds related to energy curriculum. Continue reading »