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Free Homeschool Planners

As summer progresses, it’s only natural for the thoughts of homeschool moms everywhere to turn to planning the coming school year. And you know what that means, a new homeschool planner! It’s kind of like Spring Training for Baseball where hope springs eternal and anything is possible. You know what didn’t work last year and promise yourself you will be more organized this year, or at least make it past Christmas. Continue reading »

Resources for Confederate Flag Lesson Plans

Confederate flag waving in the dark eveningAfter the recent shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, renewed debate has sprung up sounding the display of the Confederate Battle Flag at the South Carolina state building and in other public spaces. I thought it would be useful to create a list of some resources homeschoolers can use to make┬áConfederate Flag lesson plans to teach the history of the Confederate Flag and the debates over its use. Continue reading »