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Don’t Panic–How to Choose a Curriculum

Girl looking at rubber duck representing how to pick a homeschool curriculum

So you’ve got junior at home now.  And then it hits you–what am I supposed to teach him–how am I going to teach him–I don’t know how to teach him–WHAT HAVE I DONE!? As I’m always telling my son, the first rule is “don’t panic.”  Take a deep breath and tell yourself that you can do this.  You may not know how, but you’ll figure it out.  The following are some suggestions on how to go about it. Continue reading »

6 Reasons NOT to Homeschool

Reasons not to homeschool warning sign

If you care about making everyone else happy and conforming to society’s expectations, you should not homeschool. Here are six reasons not to homeschool.


You will make people nervous about their decision to have their children attend public schools. Actually, what they’re nervous about is the fact that your decision to homeschool means that they have to acknowledge that they too have a decision regarding their children’s education. Continue reading »

6 Education Resource Websites Every Homeschooler Should Know About

old-letters 200There are gajillions of education related websites out there. Some focus on the ins and outs of homeschooling. Others provide subject content, science, history, foreign language, you name it-it’s there. And then there are the ones on how to teach the content. Some are amazing, others not so much. Some are current, others are populated with dead links. It’s really overwhelming. You can’t possibly keep track of them all. Continue reading »

Should You Homeschool for High School? Part 1

Question mark with arrowsFor many homeschoolers, the decision to continue to homeschool through high school is probably the second biggest decision they make after deciding to homeschool in the first place. It’s the time when some family and friends will start with questions something along the lines of “you don’t intend to homeschool them through high school, do you?” Continue reading »

What is it Like to Homeschool? You Have No Idea

So the boy is going to be heading off to college in less than eight weeks. Yes, a college actually accepted him and even gave him money. Who would have thought?

What was I even thinking when we decided to homeschool eleven years ago? Did I know what I was getting into? I thought I did. I can be an obsessive researcher and believe in being prepared whenever possible. Just ask my family about my travel notebooks of maps, hotels reservations, and itineraries. Continue reading »