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6 Education Resource Websites Every Homeschooler Should Know About

old-letters 200There are gajillions of education related websites out there. Some focus on the ins and outs of homeschooling. Others provide subject content, science, history, foreign language, you name it-it’s there. And then there are the ones on how to teach the content. Some are amazing, others not so much. Some are current, others are populated with dead links. It’s really overwhelming. You can’t possibly keep track of them all. Continue reading »

Should You Homeschool for High School? Part 1

Question mark with arrowsFor many homeschoolers, the decision to continue to homeschool through high school is probably the second biggest decision they make after deciding to homeschool in the first place. It’s the time when some family and friends will start with questions something along the lines of “you don’t intend to homeschool them through high school, do you?” Continue reading »

Daytime Youth Curfews

San Antonio recently renewed it’s daytime youth curfew which is considered a “model” for the nation. It’s goal is keep unsavory youth off of the street. Of course, that wouldn’t include homeschoolers but you never know. This ordinance is especially troublesome for teenagers so you might want to provide them with some sort of identification or note from you. Continue reading »