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6 Reasons NOT to Homeschool

Reasons not to homeschool warning sign

If you care about making everyone else happy and conforming to society’s expectations, you should not homeschool. Here are six reasons not to homeschool.


You will make people nervous about their decision to have their children attend public schools. Actually, what they’re nervous about is the fact that your decision to homeschool means that they have to acknowledge that they too have a decision regarding their children’s education. Continue reading »

What is it Like to Homeschool? You Have No Idea

So the boy is going to be heading off to college in less than eight weeks. Yes, a college actually accepted him and even gave him money. Who would have thought?

What was I even thinking when we decided to homeschool eleven years ago? Did I know what I was getting into? I thought I did. I can be an obsessive researcher and believe in being prepared whenever possible. Just ask my family about my travel notebooks of maps, hotels reservations, and itineraries. Continue reading »

When Children Might be Better Left Behind

I had a very good friend who decided to start homeschooling in the middle of her chemotherapy treatment. She had been very active in the PTA and was actually president for the second time when her son began having problems in the fourth grade. She had been considering the idea of homeschooling for a while but the final straw came just before Thanksgiving. Continue reading »

What do Homeschoolers REALLY do all day?

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I know, it sounds like the headline for some celebrity gossip magazine. What superstars do in private isn’t the same thing that they project to the world and we all want to know.

Well, this is actually a pretty similar situation except what homeschoolers really do isn’t the same thing that non-homeschoolers or even new homeschoolers believe is happening or should be happening. Continue reading »

Martin Luther King Jr.–Beyond Black History Month

Martin Luther King Jr.,  as an Introduction to Black History Month

It’s easy to find resources on the internet for teaching about Martin Luther King, Jr. Before you start picking  resources, I think it’s more important to decide what you are going to teach about Martin Luther King. It’s simple to present King as a leader of the civil rights movement.  Continue reading »

And What About Socialization?

This is a must read column no matter how you are educating your children.

Jay Mathews – School Boundaries, Money and Race – washingtonpost.com:

Grice is my guest columnist today. This is a big risk for me since it is clear she is a much better writer, and much braver about getting to the heart of the issue — how much our school boundaries depend on the skin color and the size of the paychecks of the families involved. Nonetheless, this is a must read:

Some of you may be wondering, “so what’s the homeschooling connection on this?” Well, what is the first issue anyone brings up when discussing homeschooling–what about socialization? Continue reading »